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Board Member & Chairman

Prof. Dr. Muharrem KILIÇ
Board Member & Chairman

After completing his law studies at Marmara University Faculty of Law, Kılıç was appointed as an associate professor in 2006 and as a professor in 2011. Kılıç has held multiple academic and administrative positions such as Institution of Vocational Qualification Representative of the Sector Committee for Justice and Security, dean of the law school, vice-rector, head of the public law department, head of the division of philosophy and sociology of law department. He has worked as a professor, lecturer, and head of the department in the Department of Philosophy and Sociology of Law at Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University Faculty of Law. His academic interests are “philosophy and sociology of law, comparative law theory, legal methodology, and human rights law”. In line with his academic interest, he has scientific publications consisting of many books, articles, and translations, as well as papers presented in national and international congresses.

Among a selection of articles in Turkish, ‘Institutional Structuring of the Doctrine to Prevent Torture and Ill-Treatment: National Prevention Mechanism; Human Rights Education: A Historical, Methodological and Critical Analysis’; ‘Metaverse As A Meta-Surveillance Device of Power -An Analysis in the Context of Human Rights and the Ideal of Singularity’; ‘The Institutionalization of Human Rights: National Human Rights Institutions’; ‘The Right to Reasoned Decisions: The Rationality of Judicial Decisions’; ‘Transhumanistic Representations of the Legal Mind and Onto-robotic Forms of Existence’; ‘The Political Economy of the Right to Food: The Right to Food in the Time of Pandemic’; ‘The Right to Education and Educational Policies in the Context of the Transformative Effect of Digital Education Technology in the Pandemic Period’ and ‘Socio-Politics of the Right to Housing: An Analysis in Terms of Social Rights Systematics’ are included. The English article selections, ‘Socio-political Analysis of AI-Based Discrimination in the Meta-Surveillance Universe’; ‘Ethico-Juridical Dimension of Artificial Intelligence Application in the Combat to Covid-19 Pandemics’ and ‘Ethical-Juridical Inquiry Regarding the Effect of Artificial Intelligence Applications on Legal Profession and Legal Practices’ are among the most recently published academic publications. His book selections include ‘Social Rights in the Time of the Pandemic: The Socio-Legal Dynamics of Social Rights’ and ‘The Socio-Political Context of Legal Reason’. Among his editorial works, Algorithmic Discrimination and Ethical Perspective of Artificial Intelligence was published by Springer Publishing.

He has worked as a Project Expert in the ‘Project to Support the Implementation and Reporting of the Human Rights Action Plan’, of which the Human Rights Department of the Ministry of Justice is the main beneficiary. He worked as a Project Expert in the ‘Technical Assistance Project for Increasing Ethical Awareness in Local Governments’. He worked as a Project Researcher in the ‘Human Rights Institution Research for Determination of Awareness and Tendency project.’ Kılıç has been awarded a TUBITAK Postdoctoral Research Fellowship with his project on ‘Political Illusionism: An Onto-political Analysis of Modern Human Rights Discourse.’

He was appointed as the Chairman of the Human Rights and Equality Institution of Turkey with the Presidential appointment decision numbered 2021/349 published in the Official Gazette on 14 July 2021. He is currently serving as the Chairman of the Human Rights and Equality Institution of Türkiye.