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Topics of the Papers

A. Family as Basic Dynamics of Society

  • The Concept of Family in Cultures from History to Present
  • Basic Functions of the Family
  • The Role of the Family in Community Construction
  • Family as a Human Rights Promoting Institution
  • Institution of Family and Religions
  • Necessity of Family Oriented Human Rights Education at Schools
  • Developing Policies for the Promotion of Media on Protection of Family and Marriages
  • The Role of Media in the Protection of the Family
  • Migration and Protection of Family
  • Refugee Families


B. Sustainable Development Goals and the Right to Protection of the Family

  • UN Millennium Development Goals and Family
  • Sustainable Development as a Sustainable Development Tool and a Goal
  • Encouraging Marriage and Family Policies and Practices of State (Country Examples)
  • Needs for Sustainable Family and Necessary Institutions (Examples on International implementations )
  • Sustainable Development and Elderly in Family
  • Supporting the family in the fight against substance use, HIV and AIDS and raising healthy individuals
  • Challenges on Global Cooperation for the Protection of the Family


C. The Right to Protection of the Family in the Context of Human Rights Law

  • Scope and Legal Aspects of the Right to Protection of the Family
  • Protection of Family and Respect for Family Life in Turkish Law
  • Protection of Family and Respect for Family Life in Human Rights Law
  • Rights and Obligations in the Family
  • Legal Regulations Effecting the Families not to be Established or Solved
  • Children and Family in Human Rights Law
  • Protection of the Family in the context of Custody and Guardianship Law
  • International Problems on Custody/Paternity (Child trafficking, adoption of children to the families of different religions etc.)
  • Issue of Divorce and Human Rights Problems After Divorce and Possible Measures for the Prevention of These Problems (Children Victim of Divorce, indefinite subsistence etc.)
  • Protection of the Union of Marriage and Family Mediation in Human Rights Law
  • Human Rights Problems Stemming From Early Marriages and Solutions
  • Legal Problems of Marriages of Foreigners Living in Turkey
  • Legal Problems and Solution Suggestions for Foreign Women Due to Marriage with Their Turkish Men or Their Actual Associations


D. The Effects of Family Problems on Human Rights

  • Prevention of Domestic Abuse
  • State Intervention in the Culture of Violence in the Family
  • Evaluation of Marriage and Divorce Statistics in the Context of the Right to Protection of the Family
  • Factors Triggering Divorce and Measures to be Taken for the Sustainable Families
  • Psychological and Sociological Aspects of Divorce and Children
  • Family Problems and Juvenile Pushed to Crime
  • Age related Problems of Marriage from Different Perspectives and Discrimination on the Grounds of Age
  • Implementation Problems and Control Mechanisms of Positive Discrimination
  • Disadvantage Groups in the Family (Elderly, People with disabilities)
  • Responsibilities of the Family and Family Members, Assigned by State
  • Obligations of Society and State in the Establishment and Protection of the Family (Person, Institution, Media, Human Rights Mechanisms etc.)