Participation in the Opening Ceremony of the Strengthening Women’s Access to Justice Project


The opening ceremony of the Strengthening Women’s Access to Justice Project, carried out jointly by the United Nations (UN) Women and the Department of Legal Support and Victim Services of the Ministry of Justice, was held on 02 March 2022 at the Ankara Sheraton Hotel.

With the project, it is aimed to effectively implement the Law No. 6284 on the Protection of Family and Prevention of Violence Against Women, strengthening the approach of the justice system to cases of violence against women, and strengthening the capacity of the legal support and victim services directorates to intervene against women who are victims of violence.

Assistant Experts on Human Rights and Equality Hayriye Korkmaz, Pınar Kaçan and Sait Ceylan have attended the opening ceremony of the project on behalf of our Institution.

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