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Press Release On December 3 2023 International Day Of Persons With Disabilities
Press Release On December 3 2023 International Day Of Persons With Disabilities
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In order to ensure the full and effective participation of individuals with disabilities in social life on equal terms with other individuals and to raise awareness about the situation of individuals with disabilities in all areas of life, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly, with its resolution no. 47/3 in 1992, designated December 3 to be observed as International Day of Persons With Disabilities.

According to the up-to-date data of World Health Organization, 16% of the world population consists of individuals with disabilities. 12.29% of Türkiye's population also has at least one disability. Constituting an important part of the world and Türkiye's population, persons with disabilities face various problems in participating social life and the most fundamental of these problems are stated in the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to be health, education, employment, access to transportation, intersectional discrimination and inequalities that persons with disabilities, especially women, are exposed to.

Within this context, persons with disabilities to participating effectively in social life is of great importance to exercise their rights equally with other individuals, and to prevent discrimination against persons with disabilities. For these goals, Türkiye became party to UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and actualized many regulations at law level. One of the most important examples of this is the Law No. 5378 on Persons with Disabilities, which was adopted with the aim of solving the problems of persons with disabilities regarding health, education, rehabilitation, employment, care, and social security and ensuring their development in all respects and their participation in society by taking measures to remove the obstacles in front of them.

Although these steps have great importance towards becoming an inclusive, pluralistic and more egalitarian society is great and meaningful; a more livable world for persons with disabilities will be possible with the common understanding and awareness of all individuals who make up the society.

Human Rights and Equality Institution of Türkiye, main mission of which is to protect the right to equal treatment of persons on the basis of human dignity and prevention of discrimination in exercising the legally acknowledged rights and freedoms, celebrates November 3 International Day of Persons with Disabilities with the hopes of a world where the fundamental rights and freedoms of persons with disabilities are under protection, where they are able to participate in life fully under equal conditions as other individuals.

Respectfully announced to the public.

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