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Press Release on Israel's Relentless Attacks on Gaza
Press Release on Israel's Relentless Attacks on Gaza
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The attacks Israel has carried out against innocent civilians in Palestine, especially in the Gaza Strip since October 7 have caused an unprecedented humanitarian disaster. In violation of international human rights norms and principles in the region, thousands of innocent civilians, mostly women and children, lost their lives as a result of air and land attacks on hospitals, civilian settlements, places of worship, and areas where international aid organizations are located. Israel administration's severe, inhumane and systematic attacks on Palestinian people, their policies of mass punishment, widespread destruction and displacement of civilians despite all the reactions are clearly indicative of genocide and crimes against humanity.

Not implementing the immediate ceasefire resolution of the United Nations (UN) Security Council on 25 March 2024, Israel, in violation of the international law and international agreements it is a party to, is deepening the humanitarian crisis in the region and causes irreversible destruction in the region. Although Security Council Resolutions are binding to the member states according to the Article 25 of the UN Charter, Israel's failure to comply with the ceasefire decision clearly violates its obligations arising from international law. 

Israel, insisting on committing war crimes despite all the ceasefire calls, continues its attacks in the Rafah region. According to the last developments, Israel has also begun land attacks in the Rafah region where it carries out air attacks intensely. By seizing the Gaza side of the Rafah Border Crossing, which is the main crossing point for the delivery of humanitarian aid between Gaza and Egypt, Israel aims to prevent the delivery of basic needs and urgent humanitarian aid, especially food, to the Palestinian civilian population. Israel uses starvation and destitution as its biggest weapon by blocking humanitarian aid in Palestine, which it has blockaded for years and turned into an open-air prison, disregarding basic human rights and freedoms and the principles of international law, and further aggravates the humanitarian tragedy in the region by forcing thousands of Palestinians living in the region to migrate.

Right to peace, which is closely related to fundamental rights and freedoms, is one of the most essential human rights. Protection of the right to peace is of critical importance especially in times of war when human rights are at their most severe, when rights are not recognized, and when inequalities are most experienced. Despite all these, Israel continues its human rights violations in Gaza by not complying with the UN Security Council's call for an immediate ceasefire, the International Court of Justice's injunctions regarding the delivery of humanitarian aid to the region, and the ceasefire initiatives of the states. According to Article 8 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC), all kinds of killing, inhumane treatment and torture against civilians not taking direct part in hostilities and combatant who, having laid down his arms are designated as war crimes. Despite all these resolutions, regulations, and reactions, Israel is committing genocide and war crimes before the whole world with its attacks which it continues to spread throughout Palestine and which aim to destroy the Palestinian people.

The UN and all international organizations, which are responsible for maintaining international peace and security and ensuring the resolution of international disputes or incidents which may lead to the disturbance of peace, have a great duty and responsibility to establish peace in the region. Especially, the UN Security Council (UNSC) taking actions regarding the ongoing hostilities is of great importance for the establishment of peace and security in the region. An immediate passage to a safe area should be provided to the civilians living in the region; vital medical and food aids should be delivered to the region via the humanitarian aid corridor. These attacks of Israel on Palestine constituting occupation should be stopped before they cause even more humanitarian tragedies.

As Human Rights and Equality Institution of Türkiye; we once again condemn these systematic and widespread attacks of Israel against the civilian population in Palestine, which constitute genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes and emphasize the urgent need for a ceasefire in Gaza. We call on all actors of the international community to address the ongoing incidents in the region. and to take a more effective role against the massacre.

Respectfully announced to the public.

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