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Press Release on the Military Operation Started by the Russian Federation Against The Republic Of Ukraine
Press Release on the Military Operation Started by the Russian Federation Against The Republic Of Ukraine
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Having the mission of realizing the idea of a life compatible with human dignity, human rights, began to be emphasized with stronger references especially after the intense and massive violations experienced in the twentieth century, which witnessed the two world wars. Within this context, an intensive institutionalization and normation process for human rights has been entered. Following this process, the minimum standards of which were set in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, progress was achieved at a level that cannot be compared with the previous ones. In addition to that, intense efforts were made to prevent the recurrence of intense and systematic violations that occurred during the period of wars and conflicts.

In line with the aim of ensuring that individuals live in a manner compatible with human dignity, human rights present a set of obligations that must be protected and respected by all individuals, institutions and organizations in all circumstances and all conditions. Within the context of human rights, it is not possible to accept or explain the war or the attack that threatens the global peace environment. Due to the intense means of violence used, wars and conflicts cause situations in which human rights are intensively violated. Undoubtedly, the gravest and massive violations of the rights of each generation, especially the right to life, take place in these periods.

The peaceful settlement of all disputes alleged to be the reason of war and violation is among the most basic requirements and duties of the modern world. Within the framework of international law, the principle of equal sovereignty of states, regardless of their economic and military potential, constitutes one of the important achievements of the right-based struggle of humanity. Any attempt to erode or abolish this principle is unacceptable in terms of international law and human rights law.

The military operation, launched by the Russian Federation against the neighboring Republic of Ukraine on 24.02.2022; is incompatible with the principles of equal sovereignty of states, respect for territorial integrity and obligation of protection of human rights. It is observed that this operation has caused intense and massive human rights violations from the moment it started.

Reminding particularly the responsibilities arising from humanitarian law for the protection of civilians, we are monitoring the human rights violations that emerged as a result of this operation, with concern and we desire a peaceful resolution of all problems.



 Prof. Dr. Muharrem KILIÇ

Chairman of the Human Rights and Equality Institution of Türkiye

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