“RIGHT TO PROTECTION OF THE FAMILY” within the context of Human Rights

II. Symposium on Human Rights

ANKARA - 29 - 30 April  2019

Symposium Announcement

Established by Law No. 6701, in line with the UN Principles Related to the Status of National Human Rights Institutions, the Human Rights and Equality Institution of Turkey is an independent public institution with the administrative and financial autonomy.

The main function of the Institution is “protection and promotion of human rights based on human dignity.” Within this context, the Institution considers and prioritizes that Article 16 of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights conventions and national legislations as “the right to marriage and family and protection of the family” as one of the fundamental rights affecting the general human rights.

Pursuant to international human rights conventions, state and society are responsible for right to protection of the family. Right to protection of family is considered both under the negative rights which refer to the individual rights as first generation of rights and the positive rights which refer to second generation of rights. Considering the impact of the family on the right to development, there is no doubt that the right to protection of family is also considered under the third-generation of rights, (solidarity rights). For these reasons, the right to protection of the family is an indispensable right which is related to all dimensions of human rights.

On the other hand, it is observed that, in practice, the family cannot be protected. The power struggles in the family has been emerged, the balance of love, respect, roles, rights and duty among family members is deteriorated, violence and abuse are widespread, children cannot develop healthy identities and their future becomes dark and  the negligence or the wrong measures taken by the states to protect the family deepen the crisis.

Within this context, through academic publishing and symposium, Human Rights and Equality Institution of Turkey (TİHEK) aims to contribute to the literature on right to protection of the family, to find solution to the problems faced, and to promote awareness raising on this issue.

In this context, TİHEK is going to organize a Symposium on Right to Protection of the Family within the context of Human Rights, on 29 - 30 April 2019 in Ankara. Contributions from those interested through written paper to the Symposium will be an honor for us. Those who would like to make a presentation at the Symposium should send their summaries to sempozyum@tihek.gov.tr by following the rules and time schedules. Summaries should be composed of 500-600 words and include the method of research and possible findings. Summaries that are accepted to be presented at the Symposium, will be in the Symposium booklet.  Papers whose full texts are not delivered on the date specified shall be deemed to be unacceptable and shall not be included in the Symposium. The papers presented at the symposium will be published as a book. In addition, the papers that cannot be presented at the Symposium will be published on the Peer Reviewed Journal of Human Rights and Equality Institution of Turkey, special issue on “Right to Protection of the Family”, on the condition that they are successful in editorial and peer review process. Participation in the symposium is free of charge. The opinions presented in the symposium belong to the presenter.





  • Summaries (Abstracts) should be submitted in Turkish and English.
  • Summaries should be written with Times New Roman 12 type size, 1.5 space and include 500-600 words. Keywords should not exceed 5 words.
  • The figures and tables used must be sent separately in the annex of the abstract.
  • Turkish spelling should be based on the spelling of the Turkish Language Association. Turkish words should be used instead of foreign words, as much as possible. If it is necessary to use the words in Turkish in the text, in the first place the word should be given in Turkish and English in parenthesis.
  • The title should consist of maximum 10-12 words and should be presented in Turkish and English.
  • APA spelling requirements may apply for subjects not covered here.
  • Abstracts will be sent to sempozyum@tihek.gov.tr  via e-mail.
  • Abstracts should be submitted by 20 February 2019. The participants will be notified of their acceptance / rejection as of 25 February 2019 at the latest.



A. Family as Basic Dynamics of Society

  • The Concept of Family in Cultures from History to Present
  • Basic Functions of the Family
  • The Role of the Family in Community Construction
  • Family as a Human Rights Promoting Institution
  • Institution of Family and Religions
  • Necessity of Family Oriented Human Rights Education at Schools
  • Developing Policies for the Promotion of Media on Protection of Family and Marriages
  • The Role of Media in the Protection of the Family
  • Migration and Protection of Family
  • Refugee Families


B. Sustainable Development Goals and the Right to Protection of the Family

  • UN Millennium Development Goals and Family
  • Sustainable Development as a Sustainable Development Tool and a Goal
  • Encouraging Marriage and Family Policies and Practices of State (Country Examples)
  • Needs for Sustainable Family and Necessary Institutions (Examples on International implementations )
  • Sustainable Development and Elderly in Family
  • Supporting the family in the fight against substance use, HIV and AIDS and raising healthy individuals
  • Challenges on Global Cooperation for the Protection of the Family


C. The Right to Protection of the Family in the Context of Human Rights Law

  • Scope and Legal Aspects of the Right to Protection of the Family
  • Protection of Family and Respect for Family Life in Turkish Law
  • Protection of Family and Respect for Family Life in Human Rights Law
  • Rights and Obligations in the Family
  • Legal Regulations Effecting the Families not to be Established or Solved
  • Children and Family in Human Rights Law
  • Protection of the Family in the context of Custody and Guardianship Law
  • International Problems on Custody/Paternity (Child trafficking, adoption of children to the families of different religions etc.)
  • Issue of Divorce and Human Rights Problems After Divorce and Possible Measures for the Prevention of These Problems (Children Victim of Divorce, indefinite subsistence etc.)
  • Protection of the Union of Marriage and Family Mediation in Human Rights Law
  • Human Rights Problems Stemming From Early Marriages and Solutions
  • Legal Problems of Marriages of Foreigners Living in Turkey
  • Legal Problems and Solution Suggestions for Foreign Women Due to Marriage with Their Turkish Men or Their Actual Associations


D. The Effects of Family Problems on Human Rights

  • Prevention of Domestic Abuse
  • State Intervention in the Culture of Violence in the Family
  • Evaluation of Marriage and Divorce Statistics in the Context of the Right to Protection of the Family
  • Factors Triggering Divorce and Measures to be Taken for the Sustainable Families
  • Psychological and Sociological Aspects of Divorce and Children
  • Family Problems and Juvenile Pushed to Crime
  • Age related Problems of Marriage from Different Perspectives and Discrimination on the Grounds of Age
  • Implementation Problems and Control Mechanisms of Positive Discrimination
  • Disadvantage Groups in the Family (Elderly, People with disabilities)
  • Responsibilities of the Family and Family Members, Assigned by State
  • Obligations of Society and State in the Establishment and Protection of the Family (Person, Institution, Media, Human Rights Mechanisms etc.)



  1. Süleyman ARSLAN Chairman of the Human Rights and Equality Institution of Turkey
  2. Mesut KINALI Deputy Chairperson of the Human Rights and Equality Institution of Turkey
  3. Mehmet ALTUNTAŞ Member of the Human Rights and Equality Board
  4. Mehmet Emin GENÇ Member of the Human Rights and Equality Board
  5. Prof. Dr. Halil KALABALIK Member of the Human Rights and Equality Board
  6. Prof. Dr. M. Refik KORKUSUZ Medeniyet University Law Faculty
  7. Prof. Dr. Hasan Tahsin FENDOĞLU Hacettepe University Law Faculty
  8. Prof. Dr. Fatma Beğlü DİKEÇLİGİL İstanbul Gelişim University, Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences
  9. Doç. Dr. Ali ARSLAN Sakarya University Faculty of Arts and Science
  10. Dr. Abdullah ACAR Necmettin Erbakan University Ahmet Keleşoğlu Faculty of Theology
  11. Dr. Mustafa YAYLA Police Academy of Turkey, Institution of Security Science
  12. Dr. Müşerref YARDIM Necmettin Erbakan University Faculty of Social and Human Sciences
  13. Dr. Yusuf SAYIN Necmettin Erbakan University Faculty of Political Science
  14. Dr. Murat TÜMAY Medeniyet University Faculty of Law
  15. Nesrin AFŞAR ÇELİK Adviser at the Ministry of Culture (Former Undersecretary of the Ministry of Family and Social Sciences)
  16. Lecturer Muhterem DİLBİRLİĞİ Police Academy of Turkey, Institution of Security Science


Contact Persons

  1. Emre YILDIZ Coordinator of the Department of Protection and Promotion of Human Rights Tel: 0312 4227847
  2. Ertuğrul YAZAR Expert on Human Rights and Equality Tel: 0312 4227832
  3. Ezgi KAŞKAVAL OKYAY Expert on Human Rights and Equality Tel: 0312 4227838
  4. Sümeyye Zehra GÜLEÇ KAYIŞ Expert on Human Rights and Equality Tel: 0312 4227836

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