Training Program for Governorship Staff and Provincial Human Rights Board Members Started


The first day module of the Human Rights Training Program, which was carried out in cooperation with our Institution and Maltepe University, and benefited by the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Family and Social Services, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Health, was held. The event, which was held with the participation of the Provincial Human Rights Board members working under the Governorships of 81 provinces and the Governorship employees, started with the opening speech of our Chairman Prof. Dr. Muharrem Kılıç.

Prof. Dr. Kılıç started his speech by thanking Maltepe University Human Rights Research and Application Center and the officials of our Institution, who contributed to the training program. Briefly mentioning the history of human rights, Prof. Dr. Kılıç gave information to the participants about the duties, authorities and responsibilities of our Institution.

Prof. Dr. İoanna Kuçuradi, Director of Maltepe University Human Rights Research and Application Center, who gave the first lesson in the training program, made a presentation on “What are Human Rights? Why Should It Be Protected?”

Maltepe University Human Rights Research and Application Center Deputy Director Prof. Dr. Sevgi Şahintürk informed the participants about “Evaluation and Ethical Values” and Public Servants Ethics Committee Expert Burcu Kumrulu informed the participants about the “Regulation on the Principles of Ethical Behavior for Public Officials and Application Procedures and Principles.”

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