Unannounced Visits by HREIT Delegation in Çanakkale


Consisting of Board Members Dilek Ertürk, National Preventive Mechanism Department Coordinator Mehmet Alp Didinmez, Human Rights and Equality Expert Habibe Kara, Assistant Experts Salih Günay and Dilara Akad and, Psychologist Aylin Özbatur HREIT Delegation, visited detention centers in Çanakkale.

On the first day of their visit, the Delegation met with Çanakkale Governor İlhami Aktaş and then visited Çanakkale Private Care Center, Çanakkale E Type Closed Penitentiary Institution and Çanakkale Removal Center, respectively. Çanakkale Private Care Center Director İbrahim Batdal, Çanakkale E Type Closed Penitentiary Institution Director Turgay Kartal and Provincial Immigration Administration Deputy Director Velican Doğru and Removal Center Deputy Director Mesut Aslanboğa gave detailed information to HREIT Delegation about their institutions.

After the meetings, ‘Situations relating to the physical conditions of the institutions, the situation of vulnerable groups such as  people with disabilities  and the child kept with the mother, the treatment to the detainees, the health services and the measures taken for the Covid-19 pandemic and vaccination studies, nutritional conditions, social activities, daily life and communication with the external world’ were examined in the context of international standards, and; one-on-one interviews were held with people deprived of their liberty.

Our Board Member Dilek Ertürk shared details and her impressions of their visit to detention centers at the press conference held with the participation of Deputy Governor Hakkı Uzun on the last day of the program.

As a result of the visits, reports containing the assessments and recommendations regarding the examinations and interviews will be prepared and shared with the relevant institutions and the public.

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